Low Market Cap Steals: Content Neutrality Network (CNN)

Content Neutrality Network has made it to our top picks for low market cap steals this month. Aiming to revolutionise the way content is created and distributed, it will help with fair incentivisation of valuable content, sharing and discovery.

Current issue

  • It is hard to discover valuable content over non-valuable content
  • Regardless of quality, certain content is discovered easier because of incentivisation from advertising agencies
  • People are not adequately rewarded for their input into whether a piece of content is good or not


  • Forrest Chen is in charge of both NewsDog (see below in partnerships) and CNN. He is an expert in algorithm, R&D and entrepeurial leadership with an impressive resume.
  • Dr. Maggie Ma Ex. Director of Goldman Sachs IBD & Baidu M&A, graduating from Princeton with a PhD.
  • Dr. Linjie Luo senior research scientist & manager at Snapchat. Research scientist at Adobe Research.

content neutrality netwotk team
  • Kevin Wang is responsible for the management of NewsDog & CNN’s engineering team. He is also a former tech leader at Alimama Mobile AD network & Umeng Ads. He has over 10 years experience in SaaS and big data.
  • Siddharth Puri is Co-Founder of Tyroo Media Pvt Ltd and SVG Media Pvt Ltd, as well as the Founder of SMILE Internet Technologies.
  • Dr. Lei Qi is Investment Portfolio Manager at Athena Capital Research with a PhD in Financial Engineering at Princeton University.

team continued
  • Carlin Li, growth expert at Uber China.

team members CNN

We can see from the above team members, they are all in either founding or senior positions in their respective companies.


CNN have a key strategic partnership on the table which is already established in its respective field, and will be of huge value for them. NewsDog is the number 1 content platform in India, being the number 1 news app on the Play Store, with 40 million users and 15 thousand WeMedia partners.


They aim to create a content ecosystem, which allows for fair content distribution so high-quality content will be distinguished differently from low-quality content. This current issue of unfair content distribution that they aim to solve is a consequence of having so much information at our fingertips. CNN can change that by incorporating a reputation system, a content circulation mechanism, contribution-based revenue system and decentralized incentive model into their ecosystem.

content neutrality network cryptocurrency
Content Circulation Mechanism
Contribution Based Revenue Share
decentralized incentive model


As we can see from the roadmap, CNN are pioneers at the bleeding edge of this technology and their monumental task will be a longer term one. Q1 2019 is when implementation will start, whereas now they are developing the prototype.

cnn cryptocurrency roadmap


Currently, their market capitalization is not visible on CoinMarketCap because CNN is so new and unknown. They are only being traded on IDEX, HADAX, DDEX and Coinbene at this time of writing.


The CNN team, partnerships and content seem promising, and do not seem proportional to their market capitalzation at this moment in time (only $51,589 24 hour trading volume today on the 25/05/2018, with a price of $0.002, a 5th of a cent).

Personally I will be HODLing onto this one for the mid-long term with a small percentage of my portfolio, currently using HADAX which is a partner of HUOBI, for me, more trustable than the others on the exchange list.

This is not financial advice. All content is for informational and educational purposes only. Check out our article on another lesser known, low market cap cryptocurrency, Global Social Chain (GSC).

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